Oh came to life one afternoon in a parisian art gallery.

Oh did not go to any Academy of Fine Arts, but she did study at the Sorbonne in Paris where she majored in Contemporary Art History.

Before spending her days and nights creating, she worked in the art world as an assistant in galleries, art collectives, institutes and big museums.

She is from nowhere specifically, and everywhere globally: born in Bordeaux, France, in 1989 from a French mom and Peruvian dad, raised in Mexico and lived in New York, San Francisco, Barcelona and Paris. She knows she belongs to the Universe, which is why she represents it always alive and moving.

Inspired by all the cultures that have surrounded her all of her life, she mixes warm colors of Latin America with sharp European lines. Her works play with symbols destined to bring light and energy around the viewer, like small -and large- charms of protection.

She now lives between Paris and Mexico City.