Christy Titus

The world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting
                                                                   Mary Oliver
b. 1989
Christy Titus is an artist inspired to live life by her own ideology: be curious, love others, and create adventure (real or imagined). Fiercely independent by nature, she has forged her own artistic path since graduating from Boston College with a major in communications. Christy continued her formation after graduation at Bowling Green State University and the Art Students League of Denver. Predominately working in the field of painting, she caught the attention of master painters Daniel Sprick and Quang Ho, who mentored her during her time in Denver.
Christy’s work centers on themes of life and death through the exploration of history, culture, and the question of connection between the past and present. Her paintings are visual narratives which speak to times gone by and leave space for the viewer to fill in the blanks. Through research, photos, and autobiographical events, Christy constructs her stories from a myriad of inspiration.
Christy has exhibited with NEXT Gallery, Tesoro Artisans Gallery and Core New Art Space as well as shown work in juried exhibitions throughout the United States. She is currently an artist in residence at 59 Rivoli Collectif d’artistes in downtown Paris where she is living and working. She has most recently exhibited at La Bellevilloise in Paris.