Maria Michaelson

When something is personal enough it becomes universal. My work
is about reaching into my own mythology, and uncovering something that is intrinsic to being alive on this earth.  I am making work that illustrates what it means to be part of the human story. My work is about the spirit world, that material world, the emotional world.

I work with clay, wood, and bronze. I am in love with materials and I
am always exploring what I can do with them. My process is non linear, and my sculptures grow through adding and subtracting, adding and subtracting. I don’t shy away from epoxy, paint, and found objects. Sometimes I chop a sculpture up and epoxy it together differently. I love to be fluid, and never know what a piece will be like until it is happening.

I want to live and experience until everything human is familiar.
I have spent years in West Africa, India, Central and South America,
Europe, and Australia. There is something that holds us all together. My work is about the threads that are human and real at our core.

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