Daniele Martignoni

Daniele Martignoni was born in Carpi, Italy, February 16, 1978.
From 2001 to 2005, he followed an artistic training in the workshop of Maestro Giuliano Ziveri in Parma.
He combines his artistic research to the humanities, and he graduated in 2005 in political science at the University of Parma.
In 2006, he moved to Paris to study sculpture at ADAC Workshops, under the direction of Master Dino Quartana Manfredi.
Since 2013, he lives stably in Paris to develop his new research in the field of digital art.  He is also professor of drawing and painting at the Atelier des Batignolles and educator of visual arts for the City of Paris. Since 2015 he participated to the Anthroposs-cultural movement, where he is co-founder with Marzadro Flavio and Dario Imbo‘.