Exposito art

Born in Italy in 1991, he graduated in photography for fashion and advertising at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. After his studies, he moved to Paris where he continued his photographic projects. In Paris, he became passionate about street art and started to install his works in the streets of Paris, making himself known under the name of Exposito Art. When he arrived in France he was surprised by the number of cultures that coexist in this country and he wanted to make it the subject of his project. Different colours and shapes that combine well with each other. What amuses him in his work is to find the right combination of shapes and colours using different media and techniques: photography, painting, sculpture and video. For the moment, he often uses his own self-portrait in his projects, but during the residency at 59 Rivoli, he will evolve his project by adding the portraits of all the people who want to be part of it.