AfuriKo 19/01

✦ AfuriKo ✦
Le duo jazz infusé d’Afrique en tournée pour célébrer la sortie de leur nouvel album Tao de passage au 59 Rivoli à Paris !

Like a modern-day griot, AfuriKo celebrates traditional heritage from around the world through the prism of spellbinding rhythms and eccentric harmonies. Their new opus Tao (2019), successfully funded on Kickstarter and released to critical acclaim, is a shamanic jazz journey from ancestral Africa to NYC, steeped in deep grooves with shades of Funk, Pop, Reggae, Bulgarian, and Enka music.

✦ Line up :
• Akiko Horii – percussions
• Jim Funnell – piano, claviers

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Crédit photo : © Ray Xecu