Annelies Danielle Schubert

My name is Annelies Danielle Schubert, but I go by Anne (proncounced Année, we say it in Spanish) for short. I’m a multi-disciplinary fine artist, usually making something that involves thread, currently pursuing my artistic career in the city of Paris — ooh la la.

I was born in Chile, raised majorly in the city of Santiago, but also in Bolivia for a couple of years. I moved to Paris in 2015, in order to follow an education in the arts. In 2019, I graduated from from Paris College of Art with a Bachelors in Fine Arts.

I continue, in this crazy city, pursuing this journey I started since I can remember. Since I was very small I always pursued creative activities, always making a mess with my collages and my paint. My family aunt and cousins called me tijeritas (meaning small scissors) in an endearing way in order to emphasise how I was always cutting and creating.

I’m currently doing an artistic residency at 59 Rivoli, an artistic space in the heart of Paris consisting of 30 artists with open studios.

My recent years of production have, for the most part, evolved from this sense of familiarity we carry with us, in regards to our past. I am drawn to this familiarity of sense, of people, of place, of sound, of smell, of history, both individually and communally. The way we connect with our surroundings and evolve from our memories and the memories that have been past down to us inspires me to create. A lot of my work is based on my past and how I remember those moments. I’m curious in the way that our memories are shaped, and how these memories go changing in our minds the more we remember them, or the more we forget them and try to remember them instead.

My artistic process usually begins with a feeling, an idea, and that initial thought calls for a medium. I try my best to translate these into visual representations through multiple techniques. Tactility has become an important part of my work, always searching for the correct grain of paper, or the correct softness of thread, where the material itself is allowed to speak through the piece and the viewer can almost feel the material on their finger tips with their eyes. I crave to create something new that you feel you’ve known all along.


Instagram : @anneliesdanielleschubert