Exhibiting in the Gallery

The 59 Rivoli gallery is on the ground and first floor of 59 Rivoli whose streetside walls are glass for better visibility and light. It covers 100m2. The exhibitions are organized into blocks of two weeks. We are also very supportive of performance art (which may take place in the gallery or elsewhere in the building). The cost for two weeks is as follows: 300€ plus a 200€ refundable deposit. *There must be a minimum of two artists for each exhibition.* If you wish to apply to exhibit or perform in the gallery, please complete the form below:



  • the name of your group or your exhibition
  • a compressed file containing the curriculum vitae of each artist
  • a short text on your artistic approach
  • a body of reproductions of works (at least 4 per artist) .pdf or .jpg, .png, .tiff together in a compressed folder (maximum size : 100Mb)
  • a cover letter


Incomplete applications will be discarded automatically!

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