Applying for Residency

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Among the 30 artist studios at 59, 15 are for permanent artists and 15 are dedicated to residents (a studio to work in and exhibit but not to live). Residencies can be between three and six months. Each artist studio is approximately 15m2 and is accessible by the artists 24/7. They are open to the public Tuesday to Sunday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. All ages can apply. It is for visual artists whose work can be done at 59 Rivoli (no photo studio, no print workshop, no toxic products).  Please note: no assistance or referrals are provided for housing. It is the responsibility of the artist to arrange this on their own by searching or placing ads. The montly cost for the artist studio is 150€ (no deposit required). The artist must be present in their studio at least four days per week (for at least four hours each day they are there) of the six days that we are open. Each artist must attend the monthly meeting, held one Friday per month, and each artist must work at the front door for 1.5 hour per week greeting guests.