Paula Manuel Rubio

As a visual artist, my work is distinguished by the mixture of techniques such as acrylic paint, oil and graffiti.
Originally from Valencia, Spain, my artistic career began with a search for colours and shapes in a Fauvist style. Then, under the influence of Nacho Ruiz Ferrer (Valencian artist and gallery owner) I discovered abstract art, leading me to diversify my work and my technique through the use of new materials, pigments and oils.
My objective is the vibrant representation of human feelings. These feelings are imprecise and come from ideas in my thoughts, echoing my own feelings. My work is mainly expressed in the form of portraits, mostly of women in my environment.
By combining abstract backgrounds with portraits, I create irrational scenarios where the viewer cannot grasp everything. My backgrounds are inspired by urban landscapes where I try to imitate some of the corrosion stains that I find on concrete buildings, proof of the passage of time.
of the passage of time. I try to replicate them by giving them movement and colour, in order to achieve expressive and moving paintings. As the backgrounds of my works are inspired by ideas born in the street, I always want to maintain a link with urban art by keeping the expressive and random side of graffiti paintings.