The 59 RIVOLI is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote artistic creation.
In the heart of a museumized capital, 59 Rivoli is a laboratory for creation and experimentation that aims to promote the encounter of all artistic disciplines with the public. The 59 Rivoli association operates on a collective management model, embodying the perpetuation of a mode of dissemination of art in the city.
The place is free and open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 to 8 pm. For passers-by strolling along the commercial artery of Rue de Rivoli, the artists’ studios at 59 Rivoli are a microcosm of an immersive, lively and relaxed universe. On the ground and ground floors of the building, a space is dedicated to exhibitions by outside collectives and to live performances.
The public of 59
The public actively participates in the energy of 59 Rivoli: visitors discover the backstage of creation, exchange with the artists, and thus take part in this great collective performance which is none other than the life of 59 Rivoli. This dialogue between the visitors and the members of the collective allows an opening towards unexplored horizons, which 59 Rivoli wishes to highlight in its artistic activities.
The association also organizes a large number of school and community visits, opening up new areas of dialogue and engaging with local cultural and associative actors in a dynamic of artistic transmission.
A little history, 1999 – 2002
On 1 November 1999, Gaspard Delanoë, Kalex and Bruno Dumont forced their way into 59 rue de Rivoli in Paris, a gigantic Haussmann building that had been abandoned for eight years by Crédit Lyonnais and the public authorities. At that time, the bank went bankrupt and its assets were liquidated (including two hundred vacant buildings in Paris). A few days later, a dozen artists came to squat in the building, living in it and setting up their studios, which they opened to visitors.

An international opening (after legalization and renovation of the building)
Since its reopening in 2009, 59 Rivoli has been a model of cultural diversity. A large number of nationalities coexist in the building, creating an international artistic network. As a result of these connections, the artists of 59 Rivoli have exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in June 2017, at the Slovenian House in Prague from 20 September to 20 October 2017, at the former home of Rembrandt in Amsterdam from 26 April to 5 June 2018, at the Cantiere San Bernardo in Pisa in 2019 and at the Centre Cimendef during the Tropical Drawing festival on Reunion Island from 3 to 21 December 2021.
The major events of 59 RIVOLI in 2022.
Many projects are to come. The collective is preparing to take part in an artistic exchange with an associative gallery in Bucharest, ARTE 1001 in July, to be part of the Misaki Art World Festival in Okayama, Japan, and to hold a collective land art exhibition in Parque de Las Artes in Argentina.
And the year is just beginning.
Artist-in-residence studios
The place is built on six floors, with thirty artists’ studios from all over the world, with a wide range of practices: painters, visual artists, graphic designers, sculptors, etc. The residents are free to organize their space as they see fit, but keep an open installation to encourage interaction with visitors.
The artists benefit from the human support of the members of the association, as well as the support of the administrative office staff, whose mission is to accompany and ensure the smooth running of this experience in its entirety. Whether it is by accompanying them in the day-to-day aspects of the residency, by sending them offers of residencies and/or projects, by organizing exchange projects with other structures, galleries and artists throughout the world, etc., the association is committed to the development of the project.
The association is involved in artistic association networks, and thus offers visibility to the artists through the reputation of the place.
In addition, each resident has the opportunity to create his or her own Portfolio or E-shop website and benefit from a one-year Premium subscription offered by EasyClap*, partner of 59 Rivoli.
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This place being an association, it encourages cooperation and mutual aid. We ask you to :
– participate in the life of the collective
– be in charge of the reception of the place 1h30 per week
– participate in the collective cleaning tasks once a month (common areas)
– to be present for at least 4 hours a day 4 days a week
– pay a contribution to the association of 150 euros per month at the monthly meeting of the collective.
The studios vary in size (from 6 m2 to 12 m2) and are allocated by the association to the artists. We do not offer accommodation, 59 Rivoli is only a place to work.

The call for applications is open to all artists, without age limit. Experience in residencies or exhibitions will be appreciated.
A special commission, made up of two artists who are members of the association, the administrative coordinator, a qualified person from outside the collective and a representative of the Paris City Council (DAC), decides on the allocation of studios to these future “free electrons”. The duration of the residencies varies between three and six months, ensuring a permanent artistic renewal.
The commission’s decision is the result of a collegial decision established according to different criteria:
the artistic approach
the motivation of the candidate to invest in the life of the collective
the feasibility of the artistic work within the limits of the specific constraints of our spaces and the security requirements of the venue.
Availability and presence at the place of work: We ask for a minimum presence of 4 days per week (during opening hours). For us, it is fundamental that the space is really used by the artists.

To apply for a temporary residency of 3 or 6 months, please send us a single file in pdf format to the following address:
This must contain :
– a CV
– a letter of motivation explaining your artistic approach and your desire to join 59 Rivoli
– a minimum of 10 recent visuals of your work in .pdf or .jpg format, in a single file (with dimensions, titles and mediums)