Jesper Boysen

As a child I was very interested in animals, birds and butterflies. I loved drawing my collection of stuffed
animals. Later other interests came into focus, not least playing music. As a student, I was employed as a
curator assistant, that brought me close to artists and great works of art. I even had the experience to assist
with the hanging of works by Claude Monet and Cezanne and other great masters. It took me seriously into
my own creativity.
Since the mid 1980’s, I have worked in various media like drawing, watercolour, tusch and collage. For the
last 15 years I have been busy with painting in oil and mostly acryl. I work in the intersection between the
nonfigurative and the figurative. I let my Figures grow dynamically out of spontaneously made
For some years I was part of an artist group “Christiania in Art” based in Freetown of Christiania,
Copenhagen Denmark. We did several international exhibitions among other places in Hungary and
Lithuania. We took part in Biennale DakArt in Senegal twice. I have exhibited several times in Copenhagen,
in Azerbaijan, Italy and New York.
Through my artistic praxis, I try to invite to a different way of using our eyes: "La vue lente" – a soft way of
looking, where the world “appear or re-appear” for us, – where things, which we did not know before,
come to meet us.
Most people remember that at one point, they lay on their back in a field, or on the beach and looked up
at the clouds and spotted all sorts of amazing shapes and figures. Or maybe they went for a walk in the
woods and experienced that the shapes of the trees formed a ballet of dancing creatures never seen
before, or somethings else…..
This slow and playful way of looking at the outside world we know from our childhood. This way of looking
at the world we have almost forgotten. And in our rational civilization, it has never had any particular
significance. We see, what is necessary for us see, to maintain ourselves and our worldview. I want to
remind the viewer of all that which appears in the world, in nature (and perhaps in ourselves) when we
aimlessly open our eyes, just to see
If we are to make hopes today of creating a sustainable civilization, we need to look at things, nature,
people and the surrounding world differently!
Art, slow vision and the purposeless visual encounter, free from dominance between the spectator and the
image, may show the way.

Facebook: Jesper Boysen