Self-taught in graphic art, I usually practice in the live performance, as a choreographic artist for many years.
With this discipline open to other artistic practices that she has developed over the years, the I have been led to work on the transversality between these universes, like music, painting, video, scenography, technique….
The movement, the line or the sign, close relatives, are as many dynamic elements which command to the glance and to the hand, and in fine, to the realization of works.

Canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, … so many spaces for exploration and of experimentation of this coming and going between, the fugacity of the impulsive line, emotional and or sensual, of the body that produced it, and of the persistent trace that it will generate on our imagination.

A “playground” where ink, acrylic, charcoal … pose a glance… The internal information on the actors of a situation or a state.
The body in its nudity, voluntarily freed from the triviality of fashions, children of the canons of consumerism, signs a part of my work.
It is the witness of our singularity, but also of our universality; sensual trace of the living and the only place where we really live.
The desire that animates this production is to go to the border of the complex dialogue between this animal body and its “civilized” dimension.