Hugo Simon

My artistic quest revolves around illustrative visuals. It is about places, things, characters …
It combines vision with feeling, symbols with allegories, what is occult, with those objects and situations that make up our daily life and the real world. My goal, in doing so, is to open the doors to the world of the kingdom of the mystic, which to me is not a world apart, populated by dragons and gorgonians, but rather a look, a state of mind.

With one foot on the ground and another one on-ne-sais-oùù where, my work necessarily passes through rapture and fascination. I could not produce otherwise. I have a preference for figurative subjects, although these remain contextualized in the fantastic, the surreal, the hallucinated, or the memorable.

At the root of my practice is a particular relationship with matter. In dotwork (point by point), the grain of the paper bewitches me. In the colors, the liquidity of the inks transports me. The evanescence of the pastel makes me travel.

Where the matter is tangible, it allows the sublimation of ideas and sensations to give birth to a work serving as a bridge between the invisible, universal world of feelings and the manifest world of reality.

It is an alchemical work!

Named Hugo in homage to the designer of the great journeys, Hugo Pratt, I have always been inspired by the faculty of man to be multiple and to be able to move without moving. Imbued with mysticism, with what is hermetic, with what is shown, but never simply observed, I make my artistic approach a practice of research and exploration of this inner and infinite space where all stories, all beginnings, all endings are possible.


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